Helsinki-based soulful film production and flame bearing since 2011.

How We wish a merry go round!

In November 2011 we claimed a legal status to ÆTHYR - hence the added "ltd." - our fanatic interface backing our efforts in the private business of maintaining a coherent karmic state. Now, as four Helsinki-based free-tinkers we are on the absolute quest. To cut it short, we believe that reality is immanent and therefore we are figuring out ways to access it as our main objective.

We are fixated on mainly the production of creative documentary films, short cuts, photographic fixes - that sort of thing. Most importantly we advertise ourselves as being able to pause and use our senses, without a parasite agenda. Mind before matter it is, even though we're totally comfortable with money, if it's clean and non-violent in concrete terms.




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© Aethyr Aesthetics 2012


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© Aethyr Aesthetics 2012 


"Only when the minotaur has been destroyed / and the labyrinth transformed into dance
polity, politics / will be possible again"

-Pentti Saarikoski


°On 13th NOVEMBER 2012


AETHYR is very delighted to announce that besides the ongoing
Solar eclipse and thus the end of another great cycle, its documentary feature film Scorpions is screened at various international Film Festivals !

The festivals and their screening dates  for our film are as follows:

5th Naples Human Rights Film Festival 2012. Naples, Italy.
(Official competition: Human Rights Doc)

5th Dukafest International Student Film Festival 2012. Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina (Off Selection, Special Screening)

14th Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2012, India (Official selection, International Films: Documentaries)


Just when we started to grasp these big news, we found out that the World Premiere of 'Scorpions' had been in 31.10.2012, during the 7th Kenya International Film Festival.

We say: Thank You Nairobi ! Sparks ! Bubbles !

°On 31th OCTOBER 2012

>Scorpions special press screening<

Held @ LUCKAN, SIMONKATU 8 00100 HELSINKI on Wednesday, November 14 at 6 pm.


°On 9th SEPTEMBER 2012

>Scorpions now ready to roll!<

°On 20th JUNE 2012

>Documentary film "Scorpions" finished soon!<

Aethyr is proud to announce that the three-year-long process of making our first feature documentary film "Scorpions" is soon finished.

The film about a disabled volleyball team in Cambodia has been made independently and in a nonprofit manner. Initial release date of the documentary is in July 2012. Information about screenings of "Scorpions" in film festivals will also be updated here. 


"In short, the whole Universe is composed of two grand Series, or Chains of Links,
which is manifested in the general Kingdoms of Organick and Unorganick Nature."

-August NordenskiÖld


Aethyr works in diverse fields of culture concentrating on the production of responsible, quality audiovisual entireties. Our aim is to affect the present conversational climate in an outside the box and open manner and to raise awareness of important social and cultural issues simultaneously acting as a link between different forms of art. Aethyr produces shorts and creative documentary films, makes presentation videos and recordings of different events

and happenings and offers photographic services with movable equipment. We also organize multidisciplinary art happenings. We aim to create high-class and noticeable audiovisual products with a strong aesthetic sense and a groundbreaking mind set. We are able to work flexibly even with a tight schedule and produce the projects independently in their entirety.


Simo Hakalisto


simo (at)

Simo Hakalisto was born in a small town in South East Finland circa quarter a century ago. His near relatives allege that he spent his childhood watching films and reading books. Maybe that is why he ended up studying Scriptwriting and Visual Expression in an even smaller town.

In the past years Mr. Hakalisto has been studying in FAMU in Czech Republic and doing an internship in an Icelandic film production company Zik Zak Filmworks. His first documentary film "Scorpions" is about a disabled volleyball team from Cambodian countryside.

Today Mr. Hakalisto can be found in Helsinki, where he is probably at this very moment drinking tea and smoking cigarettes.

Ella Ruohonen


ella (at)

Ella has had an interest in image and art since her early childhood. Throughout her comprehensive studies, image-related hobbies were an essential part of her life, and after finishing the upper secondary, she decided to give moving image a go. She graduated in summer of 2012 from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, where she did her BA in Scriptwriting and Visual Expression.

Ella has worked as a production assistant in one of the largest Finnish documentary film production companies, Illume Ltd. The projects she has worked with include award-winning documentaries such as Stone Pastures, Within Limits and Frozen Hell, to name a few. Since then, it has been clear her future will include the wonderful world of producing creative documentaries, particularly those discussing important social and cultural issues.

Kalle Sipilä


kalle (at)

A chord in the broken syntax blues; a great fan of greater, anarchy and (the) transcendent. Once thrown into this slow world round the backwoods of Finnish Tavastia, soon getting a thing for transitions going; now passing crosswalks in the deep of Kallio, Helsinki - FIN.

Sometimes heavy-hearted,  goes into poetry induced loops. Other times eager to find out. Here, most of all, the fascination and the curiosity. The words are their mere children, the worlds their mere children.

Kalle has been blessed with a chance to take part in several creative documentary film projects since 2008, mainly in the ranks of the great Illume Ltd.

Kalle is now working for Aethyr as a director and a member of so called general staff.

Rene Korpela


rene (at)

The video-camera in Rene's family was frequently used, and so Rene became introduced to the audiovisual world at a very early age. The first own video creations he and his friends made as young schoolboys were shot with a VHS camera - in those wonderful times, amateur creations titled Kirku 1 ("Scream 1"), Vuokralainen ("Tenant") and Vihannessota ("The Vegetable War") were born. Finally in 2007, Rene found himself in the former Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences in a small Finnish town studying Scriptwriting and Visual Expression. Now in the year 2012, his childhood interest has become his work.

During the last few years, Rene has been working actively within the audiovisual field in productions ranging from low-budget music videos to TV-reality, documentaries and big-budget commercial films. His duties have mainly included working as a cinematographer or assistant camera, but he also has professional experience in directing and editing.


seize the moment, then, then

now, like a final thing in somespace - To keep this superimposed mementomori-medium intimate and thus eye-wettingly sweet and sour (and anyway, in this net, which of the secrets are kept ?), we feel that we, as anthropomorphic beings dancing on the mad mandala-wheels, should remind and channel ourselves during all the acts of this consuming/rewarding process of ever-becoming. this abstract objective, both of course and maybe, can be accomplished through the use of more than a several reflective methods.

foreseeing that the arrival of the relativity demons is at hand, we must, now twisting and shouting, continue this fuzzy rhetoric and see where it leads us.

be not surprised that it's the Music that fills in here. being
one of the first concepts bred in the alleys of the human introspective domain, it holds a special meaning for us. it catalyses and sums up the INT/ext -news feed with it's cryptic and shape-shifting dialect. and playfully we tolerate all the mysteries ! all of them !

but to crash quickly through this paradox :

a small, non-democratic list of entries follows, relating to some of the digitized sounds we've been constantly exposing ourselves to
during this autumn. and this time, in this list, we feel that enough meaning is contained, though it's not us, it's them; but then again, it's us too.

> Aluk Todolo - Occult Rock
> Jimi Tenor and Tony Allen - Inspiration Information
> Swans - The Seer
> Mick Harvey - Sketches from the Book of the Dead
> Morton Feldman - Piano and String Quartet
> cyclobe - wounded galaxies tap at the window

> Nature, VOICE OF Logos & Kitchen Equipment

sit back as We return to the subject and the source. Let's share more in the near future. after all we could be the creatures of habit.

-Kalle on behalf of aethyr staff.


"Keep inside, watch the sky with shades on
Try to find a windmill for your needs"



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